Current Work

October 2, 2020

The first rule of any major construction project should be “expect the unexpected.”

That’s now the case with CenterG Phase Two, as older, unmarked infrastructure has forced Sossamon Construction and Greer CPW to call an audible on the Cannon Street construction schedule. Residents on the west side of Cannon St. will notice mobilization next week from the Cannon Centre toward Arlington Ave. as Sossamon installs 18-inch reinforced concrete pipe for water drainage. The work will be done in 100-foot sections to limit disruptions to residents and Sossamon will communicate with residents once work moves toward each home. The street will be closed to through traffic during construction hours.

As November arrives, Greer CPW will be working to install conduit and gas on the east side of Cannon St. That work is expected to take three weeks.

Keep an eye on the hotel and parking deck construction site from the CenterG Construction Cam atop the City of Greer Police and Courts Complex. The camera page may be viewed here.


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