Downtown Greer is the traditional heart of the community.


It remains home to the civic functions of Greer and many of its oldest religious institutions. Downtown Greer is the birth place for the City of Greer. Greer began as Greers Station, little more that a flag stop on the Richmond and Danville Air Line Railway. In 1876 the town incorporated and over the following decades, Greer emerged as a textile and agricultural center and the village grew from a rail depot to a town of three thousand residents.

Downtown was at the center of this growth. It was the focal point of business, commerce, and entertainment for the community well into the 1960’s. As time went by downtown Greer began to decline due to the growth on Wade Hampton Boulevard (US Highway 29). It was not until 1998 with the formation of the Partnership for Tomorrow (PFT) that downtown Greer began to reverse this decline and begin to go in a new direction. PFT set out to shape the future of downtown Greer or as it would be known ‘Greer Station.’ They envisioned the downtown area again returning as the City Center and the focal point of the community.


Greer Station has entered into a new era that has seen more than 40 new businesses locate in the downtown area. With new streetscape improvements, restoration efforts on numerous buildings and numerous events and festivals being held in downtown, Greer Station is again becoming a destination.


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