New Update


3/3/2021    Hydro-seeding and mulching has taken place and grass is growing while stabilizing soil in hopes of a soft opening sometime within the next month! A grand opening will occur later this spring after final landscaping and irrigation is complete. Keep monitoring this site and our social media for dates to be announced!

Kids Planet Updated

Construction Progress


11/4/2020 The pour in place surface is being installed in most areas and fitness equipment is going in around the walking paths. Stay tuned!

8/4/2020     Play Structures Installed

7/21/2020   Equipment Installation Begins

10/6/2020   Upper parking lot demolition is underway


9/23/2020   Work Continues

9/2/2020    Additional Structures Installed and Electrical Work

6/5/2020   Walking Paths & Sidewalks begin being Poured


5/4/2020   Kids Planet Construction is Underway

Raby Construction is well underway with grading for our new playgrounds, walking paths, parking lots, hillside slides, misting zone, musical area, workout equipment and so much more. We are getting closer!

2/25/2020   Demolition is Complete

Demolition is complete at Kids Planet 1
Demolition is complete at Kids Planet 1
Demolition is complete at Kids Planet 1

9/3/2019   Kids Planet closes for renovation

The Kids Planet playgrounds provided a final blast of Labor Day fun for residents before city officials closed the facility this morning for a complete renovation.

Community planned and constructed, Kids Planet opened in 1999 with wooden features for children ages 5 to 12. The accessible Kids Planet Too opened in 2001 adjacent to the main playground.

With the play structure near the end of their useful life and the challenge of maintaining the wood, the city called on Alta Planning + Design to create a master plan for the new Kids Planet project. Planner and city officials visited local elementary school and hosted public feedback sessions to create the plan. The estimated budget for the project is $1.9 million.

Personalized items that were a part of the original Kids Planet will be the first items removed. They will be stored and incorporated into the new playgrounds.

When it opens in spring of 2020, the new Kids Planet will greet visitors with new sidewalks, pathways, music and misting areas, a zip line, hillside slides and a new parking lot on the east side of the facility. Safer play structures will be installed at both the Kids Planet and Kids Planet Too sites.

2/5/2020   Kids Planet Continues Demolition 

2/12/2020   Demolition is Almost Complete

We have accepted public bids on the grading portion of the project and the winning bid has been approved by City Council as of 2/11. Demolition has just about concluded and we have accepted tons of playground equipment at our warehouse! The custom playground pieces are being finalized remotely. Grading should begin soon in preparation for all new sidewalks and structures!